Why is it worth calibrating and maintenance construction lasers?

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For what purpose?
When purchasing measuring equipment, we want it to serve us for years. It should undergo systematic diagnostic if we want it to be reliable and perform precise measurements. It guarantees well prepared equipment for work, the timeliness of the work performed and the avoidance of costly corrections.

In the field of daily diagnostics, we can assess whether the equipment is working properly. In order to do this, place the laser on a flat even surface and project the laser beams on the wall. We mark the points on the laser line (horizontally and / or vertically). After rotating the laser 180° we perform the same operation. The marked points should coincide with the laser beams – in both laser positions. The allowable deviation is determined by the laser instrument accuracy parameter. If the allowed deviation is greater than the product specification, then adjustment (maintenance or calibration) is required.

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Calibration is the process of adjusting the device parameters in terms of measurement accuracy. In this case, no intervention in the internal components of the device is required. The purpose of calibration is the correctiveness of the device operation in accordance to the parameters given in the specifications.
Maintenance is a service provided over several stages where the device is thoroughly inspected. In addition to controlling and adjusting the accurate parameters of the equipment, the correct operation of the individual internal components is also checked (the laser diode, the leveling, control, rotation, charging system and others). After the inspection service, the user can be certain  that all components are functioning properly. It should be noted that improper work of even the slightest element, invisible at first glance, can easily affect the quality of our work. Systematic servicing of construction lasers increases their service life and guarantees that the equipment is ready for usage in good technical condition.

When the calibration and when the maintenance should be done?
Each device should be checked regularly. Calibration is most often performed when the equipment has fallen down and no visible mechanical damages. The calibration service should also be performed when the equipment does not measure accurately (“distorts”).
It is customary to carry out annual maintenance if the equipment operates under normal conditions and in the environment for which it is designed. However, there are situations when the device is used in much more severe conditions (high humidity or high level of dust). Then, in this case it is suggested to perform the review more often, e.g. once every six months. The same should be done when the device has suffered a random accident, e.g. having being dropped and we suspect that the internal elements may be damaged. The effects of such an event may not be immediately visible, but they may affect the quality of measurements and, as a consequence, corrections, extended work time and losses of damaged building materials.

Nivel System service
Our company has a Service Center for measuring instruments that guarantees the highest quality of services. As part of the Service Center, a specialized diagnostic park deserves attention, including a dedicated collimator for aligning multi-plane 3D lasers – Octopus Prime. It is a very precise device used by the largest factories in the world producing measuring equipment. The set of 38 collimators controls the horizontal and vertical alignment of the planes simultaneously and controls the angles between them. Thanks to this solution, the company guarantees the highest level of calibration of Nivel System lasers. Well-equipped storage facilities with original spare parts, highly qualified personnel and professional expertise guarantee the quality of services. The Central Service located in Warsaw is connected with a network of Regional Service Points in Cracow, Wrocław, Poznań and Gdańsk. Customers do not have to send the device to a central point in all cases, but can use assistance in a convenient location.

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