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Our products

With a full range of reliable, efficient and high level of accuracy products users can enjoy a job well done. We delivery wide range of units, from optical instruments, through lasers interments and ending with helpful handy units such as: electronic levels, measuring wheels, measuring tapes, etc. To compliment these there is a full trade range of professional accessories supporting field measurements and all with affordable.
With an extensive network of dealers throughout Europe, the Nivel System products are known and available at many leading tool and hardware as well surveying professional stores.
We provide support through our regional representatives, we have one of the most modern diagnostic platform in service department, thanks to our equipment before sale it is checked and in case of any problems it is quickly and effectively repaired.

Our story

We are proud and pleased to announce that acclaimed for its reliability and quality Nivel System brand has been with us since 2003. Thousands of measurement products deployed, satisfied customers, an extensive network of sales and service make the products with the Nivel system logo ones of the most frequently chosen and used on construction sites.
Initially, Nivel System the offer was limited to optical instruments and appliances for measuring, which over the years have been replaced with newer , better and more durable products. The following years was the development of modern laser measurement techniques took place. These include long-range lasers , competing by technical parameters and functionality with the world leaders.
Today Nivel System has a wide range of measurement products for construction and surveying, from popular levels, theodolites, the vials to laser measurement systems, including laser machine control systems.
Choosing Nivel system Products you can be sure that you’re selecting the best quality equipment , constructed on the basis of reliable measurement technology, rich functionality, corresponding to the latest trends in the industry. With Nivel system you are guaranteed that you will execute measurements and works quickly, accurately and economically .

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