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Terms of warranty

1. The Warrantor shall warrant good quality and efficient operation of the product provided that it is used for what it is intended, in operating conditions specified in the instruction manual of the product.

    • The warranty shall cover the defects of products/spare parts caused as a result of defects in materials, defective structure, or defects in assembly.
    • The Warrantor grants the User the warranty for 12 months and the warranty period starts on the date of sale.
    • The defects acknowledged as covered by the warranty shall be removed free of charge by an authorised service centre in the shortest possible time not exceeding 14 business days counted from the day of delivering the product for repair. In justified cases, the time limit for repair may be extended.
    • The normal users exploitation procedures that are due e.g. checking, rectification, calibration, are not considered a warranty repair.
    • The repairs shall be carried out in the Warrantor’s registered office or in the places specified by the Warrantor.
    • The manner of removal of the defect shall be decided by the Warrantor.
    • Accessories, of which batteries, cells, cables, holders, chargers, etc., shall be covered with 3-month warranty.
    • The user shall be charged for unjustified complaints in accordance with the effective price lists.
    • Warranty repairs shall be carried out only and exclusively based on purchase document containing the product serial number (NECESSARY CONDITION).
    • Under the warranty, the Warrantor shall not be liable for the consequences of defects, that is damage caused to people, third parties’ property, lost profits, etc.

2. The warranty shall be terminated if the following is found: the standards of product operation have been exceeded, the damage has occurred as a result of using the product in violation of its instruction manual, there is some mechanical damage, the user has carried out repairs on the user’s own or in unauthorised facilities.

3. The provisions of the Civil Code shall be applicable to all issues not stipulated in these terms and conditions.

4. The parties shall make every effort to settle amicably any disputes arising in connection with the execution of this agreement, and when it turns out to be impossible, the disputes shall be resolved by the Court with jurisdiction over the Warrantor’s registered office.

5. When the warranty services provided by the service centre are needed, please do not hesitate to contact your seller or a Nivel System service centre directly (e-mail , ph.: +48 22 632 91 40)

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