Advanced 3D collimator

Octopus Prime

Taking care of the highest quality of the offered equipment, we strive to provide efficient, effective and modern service. It is connected with the development of knowledge, building storage facilities and investments in the park of diagnostic equipment. For this reason, our service has been powered by specialized equipment of the highest class, corresponding to the highest accuracy standards, which have the largest manufacturers of measuring equipment in the world. Octopus Prime has 38 cameras guaranteeing accurate checking and calibration of instruments. Thanks to that, we gain 100% certainty that the measuring equipment works correctly, and the assumed accuracy will translate into practical effects of the work performed.

Warranty and post-warranty repairs

If you need to use the warranty service, please contact:

Regional service points

Price list of maintenance services

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Be sure of your purchases

We encourage you to check the equipment supplier carefully to ensure that the equipment doesn’t come from outside the official Nivel System distribution network (TPI Sp. z o.o). Before sale, each new equipment is checked and rectified if necessary – the customer receives an instrument certificate confirming the correctness of the instrument’s operation. (NOTE: the certificate is prepared and issued by the only authorized service center in Poland – TPI). Warranty in Poland. The basis for respecting the terms of the guarantee is to have a purchase document made at one of the Nivel System distribution points.

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