Why is it not worth considering only the low price when choosing measuring equipment?

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Very often, we take the brand, technical parameters and price into consideration when choosing equipment for work. We take the user opinions and information about the website support into account. The service provided plays a key role for the measuring equipment used in construction. The service department prepares the equipment for sale, checks and calibrates it. If problems arise, it solves the issues quickly and efficiently.

At a time when the market is totally saturated with offers, often low-priced – we wonder if it is worth taking advantage of products, whether it is worth taking the risk and potentially risking the consequences of corrections or even destruction of building materials. Therefore, when deciding to buy measuring equipment, it is worth remembering that practically we are buying accuracy. When considering construction lasers, the accuracy of planes and standing laser lines will be the reference for our work (stacked tiles, attached plasterboard, or other building elements). Therefore, the accuracy of the equipment, and in fact the proper preparation and calibration is what guarantees reliability. The quality of the used components and the proper preparation of the equipment before sales, don’t go hand in hand with a low price since quality is costly. Therefore, when choosing measuring equipment, we shouldn’t be guided only by the low price!

The Nivel System devices dedicated to construction works undergo a double certification system. We use proven and dedicated service equipment. We can proudly say that we have the most extensive collimator for multi-plane 3D lasers – Octopus Prime. It consists of a set of 38 collimators placed on a massive frame ensuring the stability of the structure. Unwinding the thread the collimators are special telescopes that are constructed of thermally compensated materials which ensure the constancy of optical parameters. In order to visualize the laser beams, each collimator is equipped with a camera that transmits the image to the monitor. The collimator system is set in such a way to define the 3 planes in the range of 360°. The planes are placed at an angle of 90° to each other. The two planes are arranged vertically and the other horizontally.

Each of the vertical planes is defined by a set of 10, and the horizontal by a set of 4 collimators. The auxiliary collimators are used for the precise positioning of the regulated laser. To ensure the highest accuracy, the adjustable laser must be placed in a strictly defined position (down to a fraction of a millimeter), which is ensured by the special micrometric table.

The image from the collimators is transmitted to the monitors where all the laser beams are visible simultaneously The operator calibrating the multiplaner laser can simultaneously control the position of each of the beams, which allows for their precise alignment.

It is worth mentioning that this type of equipment is used by the largest factories that produce construction lasers. Such equipment guarantees the quality of the calibration performed.

It is worth using the modern laser technology in construction, since they enhance efficiency and safety. When choosing the equipment, the manufacturer’s service facilities must be considered, which will ensure trouble-free usage while maintaining high operating parameters for many years.