Currently, there is a variety of construction lasers of various brands on the market, offering various functions and possibilities. We are very often faced with a difficult decision: Which laser to choose and what is the best investment?

The Nivel System CL4D series lasers are offered with the BLUE (CL4D-B) and the GREEN (CL4D-G) beams will definitely be a very good proposition. These twin models differ only in the color of the beams. And if the visibility of the beams is at a similar level, the blue laser is clearer and the beam is slightly thinner.

Regardless of the model you choose, you will receive:

  • very clear visible laser beams – the lasers are equipped with SHARP, the Japanese premium class laser diodes
  • 4 laser planes – you can make more of the one laser setup (2 vertical planes and 2 horizontal planes)
  • lower, horizontal laser plane from 17mm – regardless of whether you want to level the terracotta, panels, or place the gypsum tiles on the wall – the lower laser plane will provide you with the reference from the first layer
  • electronic leveling system – quick and effective damping of vibrations. The ability to work with a locked compensator with a perfectly level plane
  • high accuracy – the lasers guarantee the highest precision work  ( ±1mm​/10m)
  • anti-reflective laser glasses – thanks to these, the laser light does not refract or reflect
  • the ability to work with an inclined plane – the inclination can be adjusted to ones needs
  • work at long distances as well as outdoors – with the laser sensor usage
  • economical and convenient power supply – the equipment is powered by an efficient lithium battery (without memory effect). The set includes an external charger. Thus, charging the battery does not require the connection of the laser to the power supply (while charging the one battery, the laser is using the other)
  • well protected against harsh working conditions – the equipment is protected against dust and water (resistance class IP54). The internal laser components are well cushioned and the outer casing is reinforced with rubber elements – all of these are used to prevent frequent movement, construction vibrations or other factors that influence the correctness of work and the service life of the equipment. The laser heads are protected with metal housings.
  • extensive standard equipment – the equipment includes a multi-laser adapter to attach the laser in various conditions, an elevator and a laser target to fit the laser planes in all forms of constructions, the laser glasses and the transport case. Everything is closed at hand so no task will surprise you.
  • calibration certificate, service support during and after warranty – therefore the equipment meets the highest operating parameters regardless of its condition and age.

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