Which laser to choose, cross or rotary?

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If you carry out a general indoor construction work, both horizontally and vertically, at a distance of up to 140m, the cross laser will be the perfect solution. In this case, it is best to choose the multi-plane lasers offering full 360​° laser planes (e.g., the Nivel System CL2D / 3D / 4D series). The selection of the blue or green beams will allow you to see them even in bright rooms (however, the laser sensor should be used for the longer working distances).

If we are looking for a solution for both the indoor and outdoor works, at distances of up to 140m, the choice of a cross laser will still be a good solution. Nevertheless, in this case, the cross laser must have an electronic compensator, which in comparison to the classic magnetic one, can cope with the vibrations from the terrain, the beam will not undulate (e.g., the Nivel System CL4D series). Moreover, the unit should offer the full 360​° laser planes and be able to work with the laser sensor. It is worth buying the laser staff, which will support the outdoor leveling works. If the range of the work has to be longer the rotation laser should be selected. The green beam model will work the best, because it has 4 times better visibility in comparison to the red beam (it will be possible to work without the laser sensor) (e.g., the Nivel System NL520G, NL600G lasers)

If you perform a general outdoor construction only, paving, earth installation and road works – is highly recommended to choose the rotation laser. In this case, the laser color beam does not matter (for safety reasons, no laser beam is visible outdoors and the laser sensor should be used). If the tasks require leveling the site, based on the assumed slope in one direction (e.g., laying down pipelines) or in two directions (paving and road construction) lasers with slopes should be selected (e.g., the Nivel System NL520 / 540, NL600 / 610 laser series). The rotation lasers enable works to be carried out at longer distances (even up to 500-700m).