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New in the Nivel System offer – GNSS Point 3 receiver

Nivel System GNSS Point 3

Opt for speed and convenience – it’s time to buy a GNSS receiver with IMU.

This is an absolute new product in the Nivel System offer. The new-generation IMU is is an ultra-modern 9-axis inertial system that enables a rod pitch of +/- 90 degrees. Our measuring equipment is resistant to magnetic interference. Thus, metal elements (e.g., fences, roofing, reinforcements) cannot interfere with the inclinometer measurement. The measuring device is dedicated to both construction and surveying.

The features also work well for measuring and marking the following:

points, e.g., under a parked car or other obstacle; hard-to-reach areas covered with lush vegetation, e.g., building facades, fences; difficult-to-reach small watercourses and ditches; loose dumps, fall areas – by increasing safety and avoiding dangerous edges; on busy roads – a quick measurement from a safe distance avoids the risk of walking on a busy stretch of road.

You won’t even have time to blink – your position is refreshed so quickly.

More technical specifications HERE