Nivel System SAFETY is a new project aimed at ensuring comfortable work with devices offered by the brand. It covers three main areas of activity:

  • care for human safety (OHS)
  • care for environment (ECO)
  • ensuring the safety accuracy of measurements

Observing the sales globalization in measuring construction tools, we are afraid of lowering the quality of products at the expense of safety. Therefore, the brand already implements the Nivel System SAFETY program, providing customers with the highest quality equipment.


  • our products have being switching to an ecological lithium power system (the entire series of CL2D / 3D / 4D and NL500 / 520/540 lasers are presently using it)
  • we have adjusted the CE certification of our products to the high standard required
  • the casings of all the new products are unified / identical (this applies to a specific series) – fewer spare parts and simplifier repairs (no need to purchase new equipment, you are always able to repair)
  • a double certification system is used which guarantees the highest accuracy of work (the equipment is double-checked in terms of measurement correctness. We have invested in diagnostic equipment – such as a 3D Octopus Prime collimator)
  • branded and proven component suppliers are used which ensures equipment longevity.  It is known that these companies put emphasis on environmental protection
  • we create new trends and standards by selecting the best suppliers and producers (e.g. supplier of laser diodes – from the begging of this year SHARP, a Japanese company provides us with PREMIUM diodes that are installed for the CL4D-G, CL4D-B models)
  • we are introducing reflective vests as standard equipment, which will be added to all measuring instruments working outdoors.

These are very important but often overlooked aspects. We have observed certain meters that are important. The price has became an even more important parameter, but we really want our customers to look at Nivel System not only as a common supplier, but also a brand where safety and environmental protection is not underestimated.

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