FREEDOM – be free from limits! Discover a new horizon of possibilities.

Take on reliable costruction laser CL4D-B and get the direction to grow your business.

With BLUE laser technology you get better visible and clearer beam, high precision, universal use, freedom and that’s all in really competitive price.

Let a good investment make your work more comfortable. You won’t be limited by the functionality or low performance of the equipment anymore. Check out what you gain by choosing the CL4D-B (4 x 360°)construction laser from Nivel System:

BLUE laser technology provides a highly visible blue laser beam that is clear and does not tire your eyesight

High measurement accuracy due to the very thin blue laser line

Versality – electronic compensator allows you to work also outdoors – effectively eliminates ground vibrations (classic lasers with magnetic compensator do not provide this, the lack of stability of the displayed beam is a risk of incorrect measurements)

No limits – 4 laser planes, including the upper beam for suspended ceilings and the lower beam for leveling floors and plinths, plus a lot of practical accessories in the set

Reliability – the equipment is resistant to dust and water (IP54). Moreover, the strengthened laser housing makes it perform well in difficult conditions on the site. Now our CL4D-B (blue beam) cross-line lasers have a new accessory to support the finishing works like laying floor tiles – the product set comprises the special floor laser targets. Place the floor targets on the floor, tiles or terracotta. The precise target graduation informs about the floor height referred to the level of the laser line. All types of work can be done with the standard set delivered with the laser – spirit levels or conventional tools are not necessary any more.

Competitive price ensures a quick return on investment in equipment – you will get the work done faster and without corrections, you will achieve better results, and your profits will increase.

See how the CL4D construction laser works. Watch the video!

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