Measuring tape


  • Fast and accurate tape to use – 30m
  • Durable, clearly visible print
  • Offset – 10cm

Nivel system ST-30A

Foreman at a construction site or a surveyor in the filed connects one thing – they are equipped with simple but effective accessories – measuring tapes. These classic measurement tools have accompanied us for many years, they are easy and quick to use – perfect in all conditions, provide fast and accurate measurements.

A series of steel Nivel System measuring tape is a robust, accurate and handy measuring tool for all who are looking for a good quality product at a reasonable price. Coated, resisant to abrasion and rust. Equipped with a practical hook and eyelet for easy measurements in the field. Especially recommended for all construction works and surveying. Also available with leader tape 10 cm (ST-30A, ST-50B). Class II accuracy. Durable, rugged, handheld construction.


Length30 m
Width0,013 m
Leader tape0,10 m
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