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Produs: HDM-50

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The Nivel System series of laser distance meters are the state of the art tools equipped with the most recent processor ensuring fast, accurate and advanced measurements. The instrument is controlled with a convenient-to-use panel with a large and colour display unit showing measurement results and the resulting calculations. The results are saved to the memory of the device and transferred to a computer (by USB) or to a mobile devices (by Bluetooth). The tool becomes a portable measuring station which provides not only the information about the length of a given section but also lots of other complex data required at construction sites and in design offices. Distance meters fit in any pocket. They are lightweight, handy and easy to use while working in the field, and their efficient batteries ensure that the operation of the device is comfortable and economical.

  • fast, precise and reliable measurements - high-performance and high-speed processor ensures high accuracy and wide range of functionalities
  • large measurement capabilities with the possibility of saving and transferring data to a computer - the software of distance meters can measure distances and perform numerous calculations on their basis (e.g. addition, subtraction, surface area, volume) which may be saved to the device memory and sent to a computer
  • transfer measuring data (field-office) - free app (for Apple mobile devices) gives us possibility to save the data on the mobile device and send it quickly by e-mail to the office
  • readable information - large colour display unit clearly shows the most important measurement data
  • measurements in inaccessible spaces - comprehensive Pythagoras functions can be used to obtain indirect measures of height or width, 2-axis  inclinometer supports works in the field
  • additional special features - setting out, continuous measurement / min. - max. function, delay measurement, calibration function - everything that supports measuring works
  • working from the edge - measurements can be performed from the front or base and foot (measurements in corners)
  • easy to use - measurements are done at the touch of one button, and shortcut keys speed up the access to the most frequently used functions; the device is equipped with efficient batteries
  • small and handy - fit in any pocket, handy housing for a secure grip
  • safe operation for years - resistant to difficult working conditions at construction sites, provided with full warranty and post-warranty service by authorised Nivel System service center


Set includes

  • laser distance meter
  • material case
  • belt
  • disc
  • batteries
  • manual
  • carton box




Model HDM-50 HDM-70 HDM-90 HDM-120
Accuracy ±2mm
Range 50 m 70 m 90 m 120 m
Laser class II, <1mW, 635nm
Continuous distance measuring yes
Are / volume yes
Pythagoras measuring yes
„Painter” function yes
Length/Area, Volume addition/subtraction yes
MAX & MIN Value yes
Skating-out yes
Delay measurement yes
Self-calibration yes
Angle of tilt ±90°
Level bubble yes, electronic
Backlight yes
Record 100
Data transmission USB, Bluetooth
Auto laser off / auto switch off yes
Working range 0~+40°C
Foot (measurements in the corner) yes
Power supply Ni-MH 3x1,2V 800 mAh
Dimensions 130 x 57 x 30 mm
Weight 132 g
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