Telescopic staff


  • Solid construction
  • Permanent graduation print
  • Bubble and soft bag included

Nivel System TS-50

Rugged telescopic staff to work with optical levels

In elevation measurements staves are part of the reading equipment, by which are determined the height or the height differences between points . The accuracy of the descriptions on them and solidness of construction have a huge impact on the final accuracy of measured elevation points.High quality ( mechanical connections , lock handlers) determine the stability of the products and their lifetime . The offer includes a full range of levelling staves – the precise invar staves for precision leveling, wooden staves , aluminum telescopic staves and special laser staves with milimeter scale.


  • for different tasks – invar staff for precision elevation measurements , wooden staves for accurate elevation measurements of control points , rack , aluminum and fiberglass staves with the “E ” description on one side and millimeter scale on the other for quick elevation measurements at construction sites , special staves for work with laser levels , staff length from 2.4 m to 7 m
  • always vertical – staves are adapted with boxed vial
  • convenience operation – telescopic aluminum staves can be quickly composed / decomposed and easily fit in a car trunk
  • weatherproof – both wooden and aluminium staves are resistant to water , moisture and high temperatures, under all circumstances ensure high precision measurements
  • protection against damage and dirt – patches are sold mostly in protective covers

Set innclude:

  • Case – 1 pc




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