• Solid construction
  • For total stations, theodolites

Nivel system SWW8

Tripod is one of those measurement accessories which is necessary in 90% of the survey work. Choosing the right “tripod” model for the right kind of job is half of job success. Surveying total station, using a wooden tripod, is characterized by high stiffness and ensures the stability of the instrument. However, the work of an optical or laser level is worth using lightweight and easy to transport aluminum tripod. The offer includes tripods which help to achieve all measuring tasks – surveying and general construction.

  • stable measurement in all conditions – wooden tripods for total stations provide stability during measurements and ensure the highest level of precision
  • quick lock legs – eccentric clamps for quick set up of the tripod
  • weatherproof – both wooden tripods and aluminum are resistant to weather conditions (rain, sun), they are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and ensure the highest precision while working in the field

Nivel system SWW8 wooden heavy tripod:

Legs made of hard wood, covered with plastic. Very resistant to weather conditions and water. Metal parts coated with powder. Tripod has a terminal locks and cut handles holes the legs.


Minimum heightapproximately 1.16 m
Maximum heightapproximately 1.79 m
Tripod headflat
Weightapprox. 8,20 kg




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