Laser plummet


  • High resolution, wide field of view
  • Precise adjustment of the plumb point
  • Shockproof, disconnected tribrach
  • Safe use for years, reliable, proven design (IP55)

Nivel system PLV-1A

The series of products adopt advanced spindle processing technology and improved internal optical path design. Which Instead of the traditional vertical ways that can be transfer data(position, setting point, calibration) to each floor from the bottom earth, it means that realized the function of precise controlling, which applicable to shipbuilding, construction, water conservancy and various of other engineering fields.

  • high definition optical system with bigger range visual field – adapt high definition optical system with imaging more clear. With 0,4M ultra-short visual distance that bring bigger working range for measurement
  • innovation of plummet technology, horizontal and vertical spindle concentric – we have improved internal structure and optics road, which make the up and down laser point totally coaxial
  • advanced spindle system technology with reliable and stable testing – advanced spindle processing technology, which combine with high precision, stability and shock resistance ability
  • humanized design of potentiometer knob – combined with the design of brightness adjustable and double power switch, which meets the custom of instrument operator
  • infinity focus adjusting knob – original infinity focus adjusting design, not only able to avoid slippage phenomenon, but also could extend service life of knob
  • laser point function – able to actualize laser point function by putting handle and instrument body at leveling way
  • water-proof feature – professional water-proof design completely prevented by damp, water-proof degree is IP55
  • other specification – standard deviation of up vertical view: 1/45000. Laser effective range: ≥120m (day)/≥250m (night). Light power: 5mW.


  • scaffolding
  • tall structures
  • lift shafts
  • mining
  • all other tasks that ascend and descend vertically


  • laser plummet – 1 pc
  • laser target – 1 pc
  • carrying case – 1 pc


Laser beamred laser (635 nm), class 2
Spot size≤3mm/80m
Angle of view1°30′
Diameter36 mm
Shortest viewing distance0,4 m
Detachable tribrachyes
Power3×1,5V (AA)
Resistance classIP55
Operating temperature range-10°C to +50°C
Dimensions120 x 290 mm
Weight2,8 kg




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