Laser distance meter – GREEN beam


  • Very good visible green laser
  • Fast and precise measurements, 70m range of work
  • Distance, area, volume and indirect measurements
  • Painter’s function, memory up to 100 records
  • Safe use for years, reliable, proven design (IP54)

Nivel System HDM-7G

precision and functional distance meters with green beam

We present a Nivel system series of laser distance meter designed for measurements at any construction work, a group of the best measurement tools on the market at this price. Thanks to its measurement capabilities (long range, high accuracy) rangefinders provide accurate and rapid determination of length. Products allow you to accurately measure the distance and to perform many calculations on this basis. Green, clear laser spot facilitates targeting to objects. Large, easy to read backlit screen is used to read the current measurements and calculations. Software and memory for the last 100 values make the measurement easy, fast and reliable.

  • fast, precise and reliable measurements – accuracy of ± 2.0 mm, measurements inside and outside
  • a new processor for quick and precise measurements
  • large measurement capabilities with the ability to record up to 100 values – rangefinders software can measure distances and perform calculations on their basis (such as addition, subtraction, area and volume)
  • measure the unavailable spaces – Pythagoras function allows you to pursue an indirect measure of the height or width
  • additional special features – “Painter” function, skating-out, continuous measurement / min. – max. function, delay measurement, self-calibration – measurement’s support in construction
  • work from the edge – measurements can be performed from the rangefinder front, base or foot (measurements in the corner)
  • readable information – the big screen with backlight clearly displays the most important measurement data
  • easy to use – the measurement is done at the touch of a button ,shortcut keys speed up access to frequently used functions
  • small and handy – fit in any pocket, handy housing provides a sure grip
  • safe use for years – resistant to harsh conditions on site, supported by a full warranty care and post-warranty authorized Nivel system service in Poland (TPI service)


  • finishing works
  • masonry work
  • control and supervision
  • construction and assembling works
  • cost estimation
  • insurance
  • and all other tasks requiring distance, area and volume measurements


  • laser distance meter
  • material case
  • belt
  • batteries
  • manual
  • carton box


Laser beamgreen laser (535 nm), class 2
Accuracy±2 mm
Continuous distance measuringyes
Area / volumeyes
Pythagoras measuringyes
„Painter” functionyes
MAX & MIN Valueyes
Delay measurementyes
Angle of tilt
Level bubbleyes, manual
Power2×1,5V (AAA)
Data transmission
Auto laser off / auto switch offyes
Smallest unit displayed1 mm
Foot (measurements in the corner)yes
Resistance classIP54
Operating temperature range0°C to +40°C
Dimensions118x54x28 mm




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