Electronic level


  • Optical system of the highest quality, 32x magnification
  • High precision of electronic measurements, 1.0mm / 1km
  • Comfort of work, archiving up to 1000 records, USB
  • Safe use for years, reliable, proven equipment

Nivel System EL-32


The EL-32 electronic level is a high-class equipment that provides fast and precise automatic and classic measurements, also in very difficult working conditions. The reading from the code’s measuring staff is carried out automatically. The measurement is very simple, it means aiming at the code staff, setting the focus and pressing the trigger button. The instrument will automatically read the patch, give the height difference and the distance from the unit to the staff. The measurement results are shown on a large, readable, backlit LCD screen. The equipment allows you to record measurements and export them to your computer.

  • high accuracy (1mm / km)
  • measurements in all conditions (in the shade and in the sun, dusk)
  • long distance of working (100 m)
  • fast measurement (<3 seconds)
  • efficient vibration damping – a magnetic compensator
  • automatic measurements and the classical method
  • intuitive operation – “touch” button for triggering measurements, clear LCD display, MENU
  • leveling relative to the reper
  • resistant to severe terrain conditions (IP55)
  • internal memory of measurements (1000 units)
  • interface USB
  • PC software – export of data to a computer (conversion of data to Excel format)
  • efficient power supply (Li-ion)


  • classic leveling – determining the height difference in the field
  • earthworks – ground leveling and excavations
  • road construction
  • paving works – construction of parking places, driveways as well as terraces
  • water and sewerage works – controlling the depth of the trench and the pipelines laid dawn
  • gardens and agriculture


  • electronic level – 1 pc
  • PC software – 1 pc
  • USB cable – 1 pc
  • plumb bob – 1 pc
  • manual – 1 pc
  • case – 1 pc

Barcode staff Nivel System TS-5
– it is additional equipment (to be bought separately)


Electronic measurement± 1.0mm/km
Visual measurement± 1.0mm/km
Accuracy of distance measurement - D ≤ 10m< ±10mm
Accuracy of distance measurement - 10m< ±0,1% D
Accuracy of distance measurement - D > 50m< ±0,2% D
Measuring time< 3 seconds
Compensator typemagnetic
Compensator range and accuracy± 15’/0,3”/min
PowerLi- ion, 2200mAh, aprox. 20h
Internal data storage1000 records
Data storage interfacemicro-USB
Resistance classIP55
Operating temperature range-20°C to +50°C
Dimensions240 x 130 x 205 mm
Weight1,9 kg




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