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New NL500 series - fast, accurate and durable rotation lasers


Nivel System lounches new rotation lasers: NL500, NL520, NL540 (with red beam) and NL520G (with green beam). Equipped with the latest "measuring engine", new lasers ensure high work results (fast, accurate measurements), reinforced housing guarantees the use of equipment in difficult conditions and an efficient, economical power system (lithium-ion cells) ensures comfortable mobile operation for many years. The new lasers are versatile and multifunctional tools for achieving leveling indoors with a clearly visible laser beam, as well as for working in open spaces. The instruments ensure high accuracy of measurements, can be used on long range of works (500m), and the speed of work, including leveling and reacting to terrain vibrations - allows them to be used for road works and for controlling machines. The new lasers precisely define the reference plane for leveling horizontally, for models NL520 and NL540 also vertically and with a slopes (models NL520 / 520G - manually, NL540 - digitally). The equipment is equipped with modern and economical lithium-ion batteries and the newly developed housing with protective rubber elements ensures high tightness and longevity of the equipment. The NL500 series on offer replaces the NL200, NL400 and NL410 models.

Read more about new lasers: NL500, NL520, NL520G, NL540.

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