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Produkt: NL500G DIGITAL - multipurpose green beam laser level with numeric elevation

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NL500G DIGITAL - multipurpose green beam laser level with numeric elevation

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Rotating laser Nivel System NL500G DIGITAL is a versatile and multi-purpose tool for carrying out the work inside the rooms (with a super-visible, green laser beam) and in open spaces with digital sensor (with numeric elevation). The instrument determines the horizontal, inclined, vertical (after rotating it 90 degrees) plane, thanks to plummet NL500G DIGITAL defines vertical or 90 degrees angles. NL500G DIGITAL is intended for general construction. Its strong side is durability, resistance to weather conditions and efficient batteries, providing several hours of continuous operation in the field. The equipment is user-friendly with an intuitive interface and the possibility of remote operation via remote control.

  • everything you can see with the naked eye - a green colour laser is so intense that the beam projected onto the object is clearly visible at a distance of several meters from the NL500 DIGITAL station

  • even greater range of work - laser sensor allows working in the open air at a distance of 600 m (diameter) , it improves levelling and increases accuracy

  • working with an inclined plane - the laser beam can be tilted in one or two directions in the range of ±10%, thanks to it, the determination of complex slopes is done manually and without the need of calculating the heights of particular stations

  • laser in any direction - head emitting a horizontal beam additionally sets a laser line (laser plummet), making it easy to define a laser plane at 90° angles to the designated line (perpendicular works)

  • quick self-leveling - the instrument is quickly and accurately levelled by compensator and "shake" alarm eliminates the execution of erroneous measurements when the instrument is not set correctly

  • one-man operation - just one person to operate the level and determine the slopes

  • remote control - the parameters of the laser can be adjusted by using the supplied remote control in a standard set

  • everything in the package - NL500G DIGITAL comes standard with a group of practical accessories that support the work (laser sensor, laser staff holder, remote control, batteries, charger, carrying case)

  • work in all conditions - a solid guarantee swivel head protects the most important element of level against mechanical damage. Sealed housing (additionally secured by a rubber body, protecting against damage due to strokes) meets standard IP66, allowing you to work in the rain and dust


NL500G level has an auto-levelling feature, after turning on the equipment will level up by itself and immediately be ready for operation. The generated green laser beam is extremely visible, displayed on the wall forms a reference for the work of horizontal or vertical work. With the digital sensor (with numeric elevation) and the laser staff we obtain an accurate levelling set, measurements are made one-man. The scanning feature allows you to narrow the displayed beam in the specified range, by this feature we get a reference laser line only where we carry out the work.


The equipment allows you to work with a horizontal and vertical beam. The plane can be tilted in one or two directions, so that the laser can be used for such work as pouring the floor or levelling and preparing the surface of the pavers, playground, or the road - providing drainage in accordance with the designed declines. A laser plummet becomes useful in constructing works , it is in the axis of rotation plane of generated laser beam. This functionality provides accurate laser fitting perpendicular works, or in transferring points (laser plummet displayed to the bottom and up at the same time). For work on the outside and at the higher ranges, the laser sensor provides the ability to receive a signal in the range of 600 m (the diameter).


Leveller is built on the basis of electronic compensator, eliminates vibration and ensures precise levelling plane laser. Electronic compensator, compared with magnetic is much more accurate, particularly in the case where the terrain construction measurements may vibrate due to the work of heavy equipment. Therefore, NL500G provides accurate and reliable measurements. The equipment is resistant to dust and water IP66 certified class. In addition, rotary head is covered with a glass body and the casing of the laser has a rubber cover to protect against damage due to impact.


NL500 has an intuitive control panel. Management of functions, including the inscribing of slopes is done manually. Laser functions can be controlled either from the deck of the instrument as well as via remote control . The laser can be powered by batteries, rechargeable batteries or directly from the network. The entire set are complement by compact housing, making the laser handy, easy to install on site and in transport.



  • land levelling - levelling

  • bricklaying - internal and external (substructures, walls, stairs, concrete, formwork)

  • paving works - making car parks, driveways, patios

  • assembly and finishing works - installation of wooden , aluminium structures, suspended ceilings

  • installation works - setting the line cables, moving points

  • woodworks - furniture, building


Set includes:

laser leveler 1 pc
laser sensor with staff holder (RD500G DIGITAL) 1 pc
remote control 1 pc
rechargeable batteries pack 1 set
extra dry battries pack 1 pc
charger 1 pc
laser glasses 1 pc
carrying case 1 pc



Light Source green laser (515nm), visible beam
Accuracy ± 1,0 mm/10 m (horizontal, vertical)
Range of operation 600 m (with a laser sensor)
The inclination of planes ± 10% (X-axis, Y-axis) manually
Scanning 0-10°-45°-90°-180°
Remote Control yes
Self-leveling range ± 5°
Power DC 4.8 - 6V, rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH)
Resistance class IP66
Operating temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Dimensions 206 x 206 x 211 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Warranty 12 months