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Leveller 2D

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Leveller 2D - automatyczny system równania podłoża

The Nivel System Leveller 25 with Topcon 2D laser control is automatic , precise ground levelling system, obtaining the millimeter accuracy of conducting the blade . The system can be installed on the simplest and most popular machines: backhoe loaders or loaders equipped with the so-called . floating blade. The main element of the system is specially designed Nivel system blade . Blade location is controlled via the cabin control panel , laser sensors and hydraulic valves, on the basis of reference ( the reference plane ), which are created by a rotary laser level . The system is configured automatically , without operator intervention , sets the leveller blade at the proper height and the corresponding tilt ( defined by the laser ) . Very high levelling accuracy ( millimeter accuracy ) , a huge performance and easy installation makes the Leveller Nivel 25 system with laser control system Topcon 2D a very effective option for companies that prepare the ground for road works, paving and construction services.

  • Faster - time can be shortened up to 80 %! - The machine can do much more at the same time
  • Huge capacity - after applying, leveller may rise up to over 4000 square meters per day!

  • High accuracy levelling with a proper slope , the surface is prepared so thoroughly that, for example setts can be put directly on it ( millimeter precision machined surface )

  • Saves time and money - more accurate work allows to use less material for levelling any inaccuracies , faster work is pure profit (less hours, shifts , etc. )

  • Proven and reliable equipment - high quality system components and high resistance to harsh conditions in the field

  • Precise control of the work and used material

  • Easy to use

  • The ability to transfer most of the items to another machine

  • Minimizes the risk of human error

  • Less indirect measurements, reducing the number of inspections during operation ( operation can be controlled without leaving the cab )

  • Easier for the operator - even the less skilled operators can perform difficult tasks or to work faster

  • Safe use for years - free support , warranty and post-warranty service in the country

Nivel System leveller 25 2D Laser system for automatic ground levelling consists of a reference base ( laser level ( 4 ) giving the reference plane ) and the elements secured to the machine.

These are:

1. blade attached to the front of the machine

2. laser sensors 

3. control panel (compute







Nivel system leveller 25 2D Laser system for automatic ground levelling works in a similar way as eg automatic 2D laser system to control the bulldozer or grader . Rotating beam laser level set on construction site the reference plane ( horizontal or inclined in one or two directions ) . On the blade on masts there are mounted laser sensors . They receive the laser beam and capture the difference between the workpiece plane and the reference plane defined by the laser level . Based on the readings of sensors computer ( control panel ) calculates the correct height of the blade , and the electronic system and hydraulic cylinders automatically set the blade at the correct height.

Automatic control using the electronic system. it provides highly accurate leveling . There is no chance for human error . This allows you to quickly and accurately perform work on objects such as sports fields, large parking lots and industrial buildings.

Compared with traditional methods , Nivel system leveller 25 2D Laser system for automatic ground levelling, can speed up the execution of the work up to 5 times . All system components are solid , strong and durable , so they can be used for many years. The system itself is simple to use , and its operation is easy and not difficult even for novice users. The control panel informs the operator about the current parameters such as height or slope.