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Nivel System FL1G - multi floor laser crosliner, very good visibility of green laser

The laser square is designed for craftsman specially. It keeps the features of original square, and also project two laser extension lines of 90°each other simultaneously, which could extend the length of laser square obviously. It could also change the line marking angle according to the scale of angle measurement, which saves time in angle measurement and line marking. This is an ideal tool for angle layout, perfect for finishing, floor-laying works (e.g. tilling)

  • accurate and reliable equipment - a clear laser beam ensures comfortable working in all conditions, the equipment allows you to work with a high accuracy of ± 1mm/5m
  • very good visibility of green laser beam (also in bright rooms)
  • even greater range - pulse function allows you to work with laser sensor outdoors at large distances
  • versatility and multitasking - 2 beams are presented down (floor laser) + vertical and horizontal plane (in front)
  • fast levelling - built-in magnetic compensator quickly level the laser, dampens vibrations, provides comfort to users, even on an unstable surface
  • intuitive operation - one-touch control - turn on and measure!
  • laser mount - used to set up laser (tripod, extension pole)
  • resistant to damage - the laser housing, protect it from damage due to jolts and vibrations (IP42)

Nivel System floor laser crossliner FL1G is an instrument that replaces spirit level in most of the construction  works. Laser projects 2 green laser beam - crossing at a right angle. Used to precisely set the reference lines on the floor (tiling - terracotta tiles). Additionally FL1G allows one person to set on the wall horizontal and vertical reference lines, which are used for hanging furniture at the same height, spacing, electrical outlets and switches on the same level, setting the building plasterboard vertically and setting in a straight line points from floor to ceiling or laying tiles (glazed tiles) on the wall. Simultaneous displaying at the vertical and horizontal beams allows to determine the angle, which is useful in tiling works. Electronic blocking the instrument compensator allows the instrument to be tilted and diagonal lines to be used.

Built-in 1/4 inch (+ delivered adapter 5/8 inch) thread is used for mounting the instrument on a stable photographic tripod, and traditional surveying tripod or extension pole.



Basic kit: 

crossliner laser FL1G 1 pc
laser target 1 pc
dry battery   3 pcs
tripod's adapter (5/8"-1/4") 1 pc
transport bag 1 pc



Laser (visible) green 515 nm, class II
Accuracy ±1 mm/5 m
Bam display/angle 90° (±1')
Operating range        20 m
Waterproof rating IP42
Mount (tripod) 1/4"
Operating temperature range -15°C do+45°C
Power supply  4,5 V (3 x AA)
Dimensions (mm) 131 x 109 x 90
Weight 0,41 kg