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Produkt: CL4G - easy to use, multi-cross gree beam laser

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CL4G - easy to use, multi-cross gree beam laser

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Nivel System CL4G is a cross laser, offering comprehensive functionality. Thanks to that the equipment meets the tasks of measuring the general building works, bricklaying, construction and highly precise finishing work. High-quality laser optics allows to obtain precise measurements and bright, very well visible light beam (green beam laser is four time better visible then red beam laser). Reference 2 planes (360°) are determined by four vertical beam plus one horizontal. CL4G is equipped with tangent screw with scaled horizontal circle, allowing to accurately adjust the laser beam display direction (also in accordance with the value of the angle). In addition, the equipment has a laser plummet which allows easy setup of laser, fitting it at orthogonal works as well as transferring points ( from floor to ceiling, etc.).

  • more than precision spirit level - two mutually perpendicular vertical planes (360°)  intersect with the horizontal beam and make crosses with arms crossing at an angle of 90˚, for levelling, plumbing, determining and controlling the angles
  • display accurate beam - high-quality optics generate green laser lines that are visible even in direct sunlight areas (green beam laser is four time better visible then red beam laser). Tangent screw allows precise fitting of the laser beam to a predetermined operation and horizontal scaled circle will serve to postpone the precise angle of the vertical beam
  • work without repositioning the instrument - the laser beam with very large spans (vertical 360˚) around station allows you to set verticals and horizontals in small spaces without the need for frequent repositioning of device
  • even greater range - the laser is standard equipped with the laser sensor, so that it is possible to work outdoors
  • fast levelling - built-in compensator automatically levels the cross laser
  • resistant to damage - the rubber parts of the laser housing, protect it from damage due to jolts and vibrations (IP54)

Multilaser Nivel System CL4G is a small, easy to use and reliable measurement tool. Laser appoint four reference green beams vertically (two, full circle 360 degrees around the laser plans) and the horizontal beam. These beams can be depending on the needs, switch on or off. Additionally, laser designate the laser plummet, which allows you to set the laser at the desired point or move points up / down during installation works. Equipment is dedicated to all general construction , finishing - both internal and external , and for all who are looking for a brand-name equipment at an affordable price. Range of operation of the laser can be increased through laser sensor, which is standard equipment. The laser sensor can be mounted on a laser staff ( staff holder is a standard equipment ) - so you get a set for elevations measurements in terrain ( classic elevation measurement).

Laser is equipped with a tangent screw (on both sides of the laser - it is also a convenience for left-handed people), which allows accurately setting the vertical laser beam. Scaled horizontal circle allows a practical way to measure and determine the angle of mounted elements of construction. Like other lasers of Nivel System company, also this cross multilaser is characterized by high resistance to harsh working conditions and job stability (magnetic compensator eliminates vibration during operation, provides fast levelling, the laser is ready to work immediately after powering on ).


Set Includes:

cross laser CL4G  1 pc.
glasses 1 pc.
batteries 1 set
carrying case 1 pc.




Laser green beam, 515nm, class II
Accuracy ±1mm/5m
Wide width <2,5mm/5m
Plane display 3 (2 vertical/360°, 1 horizontal/90°)
Laser plummet yes (down)
Self-levelling range ±3°
Operating range 15m (50m with a sensor)
Waterproof rating IP54
Operating temperature range -15°C do+45°C 
Power supply 4,5V (3 x AA)
Mount 5/8"
Dimensions 110 x 191 [mm]
Weight 0.997kg