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Nivel system CL2 - cross -axis laser, universal measuring tool for every construction site

Nivel System Cross-axis laser CL2 is an instrument that replaces spirit level in most of the construction works . It allows one person to set on the wall horizontal and vertical reference lines/points , which are used for hanging furniture at the same height , spacing, electrical outlets and switches on the same level , setting the building plasterboard vertically and seting in a straight line points from floor to ceiling . Simultaneous displaying of the vertical and horizontal beams allows to determine the angle, which is useful in tiling works . Additionaly a laser is displayed by 5 laser points which are determining 3 axis. Blocking the instrument compensator allows the instrument to be tilted and diagonal lines to be used . Adapter for fast magnetic suspension of the laser on the wall (or structure element), and to fix the laser on a tripod is included as standard. Reinforced rubber casing elements of laser, protect against damage due to bumps and abrasions.

  • accurate and reliable - a clear laser beam ensures comfortable working in all conditions , the equipment allows you to work with a high accuracy of ± 2 mm/10 m
  • display accurate beam and points - bright red laser beam and high-quality optics generate lines that are highly visible
  • even greater range - pulse function allows you to work with laser sensor outdoors at large distances
  • versatility and multitasking - 2 laser planes ( horizontal and vertical) can be displayed separately or all together forming a reference corss. Additionally displaying 5 laser points provides working in 3 planes
  • intuitive operation - one-touch control - turn on and measure!
  • fast leveling - built-in electronic compensator quickly level the laser, dampens vibrations


Nivel System is a brand of measuring instruments for the construction and surveying introduced to the Polish market by TPI in 2003, Nivel system Products are addressed to a wide audience , for whom one of the basic criteria for selection is a reasonable price with a simultaneous guarantee of adequate quality, which provides the ability to use the professional measuring set in multiple applications at lower costs than before. Instruments Nivel System is characterized by its own original designs and colors which make the recognition of the brand simple and straightforward. Nivel System is an assurance of safe and comfortable working in many common applications. With a network of service centers spread across the country, each user has an easy access to professional services.




Nivel System CL2 Cross - axial laser has magnetic compensator , when you turn on the equipment it will level up and immediately be ready for operation . Generated red laser beam is very well visible , displayed on the wall forms a reference for the work of horizontal or vertical lines . When working with a laser sensor and a staff we obtain accurate leveling set , measurements are made one-man . Built-in 1/4 inch thread is used for mounting the instrument on a stable traditional photographic tripod , and while using the supplied adapter, you can set it on a surveying tripod (with 5/8" screw).

The equipment allows you to work with horizontal and vertical beam . 2 planes can be displayed together or separately. In addition, the equipment can display 5 laser points ( 3 axes) , so there's no problem while moving the points for example an electric point from one wall to the other. For work on the outside and at greater ranges there's a laser sensor which , provides the possibility of receiving a signal in the range of 100 m ( the diameter of the work).

The laser has a magnetic compensator which eliminates vibration and ensures precise leveling of the laser plane . With Nivel system CL2 we obtain reliable and accurate measurements . The equipment is resistant to dust and water (IP54 ) . In addition, the parts of the body were encased with rubber shields , protecting against damage due to impact and abrasion.


Set Includes:

CL2 cross laser 1 pc
magnetic adapter 1 pc
laser target 1 pc
laser glasses 1 pc
batteries 1 set
carrying case 1 pc

Version available in a set with tripod (Nivel CL2 System Plus), all in one case.



Laser red Laser ,> 1 mV (Class II)
Laser beam laser beam vertical, horizontal, cross
Laser Points 5 (left-right, up-down, backwards)
Accuracy ± 2 mm/10 m
Displaying beam / viewing angle 90° ±60"
Operating range 15m (50m with laser sensor)
Self-leveling range ± 4°
Power supply 4,5 V 4.5V (3 AA batteries)
Protection class IP54
Operating temperature range -10°C to +45°C
Dimensions 112 x 113 x 63 [mm]
Weight 0.55 kg
Mount (screw) 1/4" (5/8” – adapter)
Warranty 12 months (+ 12 months - after a free registration to purchase the product on web site)